Daniel C. Sartor…Tattoos By Dark

Daniel C. Sartor (dark)

Dark was born in Royal Oak, Michigan, and graduated from Michigan State university with a bachelor of science degree in Physics before beginning his career as an artist.  It was during college when a close friend first called him ‘dark’, a name that stayed with him thereafter.

After graduation from MSU, dark had the encouragement from another close friend to a career in the arts.  In 1991, with very little art background or ‘formal’ training, dark acquired an apprenticeship at a local East Lansing tattoo shop.  After apprenticing for a few months, dark began tattooing full time.  Within the first year of tattooing, dark was published in various international tattoo magazines, and has received several awards from tattoo shows and competitions.

Dark has since gone on to produce thousands of tattoos, ranging from small pieces of flash to full body custom work.  He approaches each new piece with the same enthusiasm he has had since the beginning.  Working constantly to refine his art through explorations into other mediums such as charcoal, oils, acrylics, and digital airbrushing; experimenting with diverse ideas and techniques on paper, canvas, digital canvas and skin.

Currently living in Los Angeles, California, dark spends the majority of his days producing art for other people in the form of tattoos and uses all other energy to create art, using a blend of different techniques and mediums. ~via…tattoosbydark.com

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Visit and see more of  Dark’s work at: www.tattoosbydark.com

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