Paris Pierides of Paris Tattoos

The amazingly talented and award winning tattoo work of Paris Pierides!!

Paris Tattoos has been established since 1989. Originally born in Zambia, Central Africa, of Greek Cypriot heritage. His formative academic years were spent in Natal, South Africa and the United States, New York City. Paris studied at Parsons School Of Design graduating as a top honors student, majoring in illustration. Although an illustrator, Tattooing has become Paris forte. His career has spanned the globe. For over twenty years Paris has been tattooing in Cyprus, where he reached International Fame from the massive amount of publicity he and his studio received. Paris Pierides has won many awards and accolades which places him amongst the top tattoo artists in the world. In 2008 the United States awarded Paris the highest award possible for Extra Ordinary Outstanding Artistic Achievement. This award the”EB1″ is bestowed to the most talented people in the world. Paris Tattoos USA was launched in March 2010. Upon receiving this award, Paris chose to bring his tattoo expertise to Charlotte, NC. ~via Paris Tattoo

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*all tattoo work is property of Paris Tattoo and Paris Pierides.

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