Tattoo Tuesday Featured Artist: Tommy Montoya

It’s a an honor for us here at Joey Voodoo to have as our featured “Tattoo Artist of the Week” the one and only Tommy Montoya. Tommy is a L.A. homie who has made a big time name for himself in the tattoo industry. Well respected and well deserved as his work will leave you speechless. I got a chance to catch up with Tommy after his busy day of tattooing in NY at Wooster St. Social Club to fire off a few questions. Tommy was part of the cast of NY Ink on TLC and will be back for season two.

Joey: Who has been the biggest influence with your tattooing?

Tommy: My older brother Mikey Montoya from Rubes Tattoo in Arcadia, CA.

Joey: When you are about cruising slow and low with the homies what music you playing?

Tommy: I will be banging that Hitone TFC2!

Joey: First thing you want to eat you get back back to LA after being on the road?

Tommy: I’m gonna eat at KING TACO or In N Out!

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Tommy Montoya

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