Tattoo Tuesday Featured Artist: BABA

Baba Austin owner/artist of Vintage Tattoo Art Parlor is our Tattoo Tuesday “Artist of the Week”. The Joey Voodoo Family are big time supporters and fans of Baba, his shop and crew at Vintage. Baba brings a legendary history of graffiti and tattooing to the table. He has put his mark on the tattoo industry and this week the San Francisco Bay area will have the opportunity to see his work up close and personal as he will be tattooing at the Body Art Expo at the Cow Palace. Here’s your chance Bay Area to get some ink from a legend! I gave Baba a shout yesterday and asked him a few questions!

Joey: You’re a big fan of Disneyland, always enjoying the Magical Kingdom with your kids. What’s your favorite ride?

BABA: The Haunted Mansion is my fave!

Joey: What’s your favorite place to eat at in your hood?

BABA: El Arco Iris over on York!

Joey: What celeb would you love to tattoo?

BABA: I’ve tattooed lots of celebs. I wanna tattoo a president!

Joey: Currently who’s your favorite band?

BABA: New Years Day!

Catch Baba this weekend in San Francisco at the Body Art Expo: Expo Schedule

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Vintage Tattoo Art Parlor

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