Tattoo Artist of the Week: Laura Juan

This weeks  Joey Voodoo “Tattoo Artist of the Week” is an award winning and highly recognized tattooer whose work is stunning and smooth as silk. It’s honor to present to you our “Featured Artist” all the way from Madrid, Spain, the beautiful and exceptionally talented Laura Juan.

Joey: When and who gave you your start in tattooing?

Laura: I started to tattoo when I was 20. I was attracted by the technique in the work. I have been painting and drawine since I was 9 and tattooing opened new elements of art for me .

Joey: Your realism work is award winning. All your work is amazing. Who has influenced your style?

Laura: When I started it was in different times there was no “internet ” and people didn’t really consider tattoo’s as art, but I chose tattoooing and thankfully it has become more and more artistic over the years. When I started I didn’t have access to the work of many other artists and more than influences of other artists such as Robert Hernandez I received a “vibe” a more artistic turn. This was a great motivation for me .

Joey: What three words best describe you?

Laura: I feel the main qualities I possess are, patience, respect and optimism.

Joey: If you weren’t a tattoo artist what would you be doing?

Laura: I have always been creative and over my life I enjoy seeing my imagination transformed into reality. If I were not a tattoo artist I think I would be involved in another creative form .

Joey: When not tattooing what does Laura Juan like to do for fun?

Laura: My free time is spent with my family, usually in my house in front of an open chimney “painting”.

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Le Tatouage de Laura Juan



  1. Reblogged this on Mz RoxxY and commented:
    Lura Juan started her brilliant tattoo career 15 years ago in Madrid Spain, getting lots of national and international awards. Her most prominent style is realism. This lady is one of the best I have seen guys. Seriously, if you enjoy true art at it’s finest, do take advantage of google and check out the Tattoo Convention events to find out more about Laura Juan.

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