Tattoo Artist of the Week: Horitomo

With the 2011 Bay Area Convention of the Tattoo Arts beginning this Friday, what better person to have as our “Tattoo Artist of the Week” then the legendary Horitomo of State of Grace Tattoo. The convention is the stage for Horitomo’s first book release “Immovable.”If that wasn’t enough Horitomo will conduct his first ever seminar, Saturday and Sunday. It is with great honor to showcase Horitomo.

Joey: Your first book “Immovable” is set for release this weekend. This must be very exciting, what was the inspiration behind it?

Horitomo: I am very excited and the inspiration behind the book is I feel a great connection to Fudo Myo-o. It is the subject of my own back piece. When I was in Yokohama, Japan, I used to visit the Fudo Myo-o shrine. It is a very strong Japanese symbol. It is also tattooed a lot.

Joey: More great news…you are also conducting your first ever seminar this weekend! Can you share a little of what we can expect to see and hear?

Horitomo: It is my personal take on laying out a back piece and personal opinions of how to plan and arrange a Japanese back piece. I will go through step-by-step my philosophy on Japanese back pieces.

Joey: You’ve studied and worked with many great artists. What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Horitomo: Draw as much as possible, respect your elders, and get tattooed.

Joey: Who do you most admire?

Horitomo: All the great artists who have come before me.

Joey: Tattooing to you means….?

Horitomo: Art!

Joey: Your favorite meal?

Horitomo:  Japanese curry rice, its the best!

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