Tattoo Artist of the Week: Jason Reichman

Meet Jason Reichman, the  Joey Voodoo Featured Tattoo Artist. Jason is the owner of Forever Tat2 in Kissimmie, FL. I had the pleasure to throw some questions Jason’s way.

Joey: When did you start tattooing and who gave you your first shot?

Jason: I started tattooing in 05 and Rob G handed me my 1st tattoo machines!

Joey: What inspires you as an artist?

Jason: Everything does…a bed sheet, a frog, or a flower. If I ever have a hard time with gettin motivated I look through Tattoo Society.

Joey: What artists do you admire?

Jason: Nikko Hurtado, Roman Abgrego, Brandon Bond, Josh Woods, Guy Atchinson, Arron Cain, Mike Cole, Boris, Andy Engle, Paul Booth, Jessie Smith, Jimmy Litwalk, Joe Capobionco, Kyle Cotter…man, I can go on and on.

Joey: You are the owner of Forever Tat2? Tell us more about your studio?

Jason: I’ve been established for about five years now. I am the only shop in Poinciana, FL. My shop is also a gallery. I do a lot of custom art and I’m also booked about a week in advance but I have another artist on site so tattoos can be done same day for those impatient ones.

Joey: Tell us about your first tattoo experience?

Jason: My first experience was a portrait of my Mom and Grandpa on my shoulder. I was so scared, I said stop about plunked out and dude zapped me. I said, “that’s it?”

Joey: Is there someone you would love to tattoo?

Jason: I would love to tattoo Rob Dyrdek from Fantasy Factory. I bet he’s real funny gettin a tattoo.

Joey: What keeps you going other than tattooing?

Jason: What keeps me going is the drive to go down in history, not just 15 minutes of fame, but to be remembered for a lifetime. When people think of me, I want them to think a kind, amazing, humble, lovable guy.  The way Bob Marley put love into his work and became a legend, that’s what I’m tryin to do. Spread love throughout my work, cuz when you love what you do, it’s not work it’s fun.

Joey: Right on Jason! Thanks so much for hanging out.

Jason: Thanks, it was a pleasure!


Jason Reichman Facebook

Forever Tat2

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