Featured Tattoo Artist: Rich Bustamante

From Hell Hounds Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY comes Rich Bustamante, the Joey Voodoo Featured Tattoo Artist. I recently caught up with Rich to chat about his work and the artists he admires.

Joey: Hey Rich! Thanks for hanging out. First off tell us how long you’ve been tattooing and how did you get your start?

Rich: Cool…lets see…I got started in North Jersey about 15yrs ago.

Joey: You’re a real humble guy about your work (it’s fantastic) and you have lots of passion for it and for your customers. What does tattooing mean to you?

Rich: To me tattooing is the purest form of art and expression.

Joey: Is there a certain style of tattoos that you really enjoy doing?

Rich: Whether its reproducing a photograph or an original design, I really enjoy doing tattoos that I haven’t seen before. Things that are memorable and unique.

Joey: What artists do you admire?

Rich: Artists I admire are: BUGS, Stefano Alcantara, Pepper, Rich Pineda, Liz Cook, Nikko Hurtado, Boris, Grime, Tin Tin, Bernie Luther, Filip Leu, too many to name.

Joey: When not tattooing what do you enjoy to do?

Rich: I try to draw and paint as much as possible.

Joey: Is there someone you would love to tattoo?

Rich: Someone I’d love to tattoo??…friends and family and other artists whose work I respect.


Rich Bustamante Facebook

Hell Hounds Tattoo


  1. Rich Bustamante one of the big name in tattooing profession. The tattoos design by Rich are awesome he always try to design something new & unique and that’s why people love him.

    Hey Joey thanks for sharing this interview. It is just like a gift for Rich Bustamante fans.


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    Featured Tattoo Artist: Rich Bustamante – Joey Voodoo

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