Band of the Week: Nate Currin

Band of the Week

Nate Currin, The Pilgrim, Vanity Fair, Archaic Cannon

Artist: Nate Currin

Hometown: Gainsville, GA

Genre: Singer/Song Writer

Label: Archaic Cannon

I’ve had the great privilege to have met and befriend Nate Currin over a year ago. A singer/song writer from Georgia, Nate is a very humble and immensely talented musician. Already a Grammy nominated artist Nate he has finished probably his toughest and most intense musical project of his career. Challenging himself  not only with song writing but with the emotional ups and downs of the journey he presents in his new album The Pilgrim. Currently on The Pilgrim Tour, I was able to catch up with Nate the new Joey Voodoo Band of the Week.

Joey: You recently released your new album The Pilgrim. Tell us a little bit about the concept behind this project.

Nate: Well, technically it comes out nationally August 6, but we have been on the road for the past month already playing shows to promote it and selling physical copies. The concept is something that I got the idea for about 6 years ago. Growing up I had read a book called “The Pilgrim’s Progress” – it’s a Christian, allegorical book about a man on a journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. It was written in the 1600’s by a guy named John Bunyan, and outside of the Bible is the number one book in print of all time. So, I got this idea to take the story and write an entire concept album based on that story. Initially I wanted to weave much of my life into the album as well (me being a man on a journey), but in the end the album follows the book much more closely than I had initially thought it would. So, that’s the concept behind the album…

Joey: You really captured the essence of the book in your songs. You’ve really captured the journey in your music. While writing the songs did you feel like this was really about you and your journey in life?

Nate: I did… through much of it. For instance, in the story the main character, The Pilgrim goes through the Valley of the Shadow of Death – facing his fears, the pains and grief of death, etc. yet is pursued by the footsteps of the King, overtaking him to lift him up and help him through it. For me, having lost several loved ones to death, I personally really identified with the grief and agony of this journey through the valley, yet could also identify with the “footsteps at my back” of God, overtaking me to lift me up and get me through those difficult times.

Joey: You released your highly anticipated music video for the single “Vanity Fair.” I have to tell you this is one of my favorite videos out there. The song itself is amazing and the video just takes it to another level. Tell us about the making of the video?

Nate: Making the Vanity Fair music video was a blast… I worked with Producer Matt Odom out of Los Angeles, who I’ve worked with in the past (Goodnight California), and he’s amazing. We filmed the video at the Lucent Dossier Experience and used some of their actors and actresses as well, who did a fantastic job! I really wanted to keep in step with the theme of the song – and wanted it “over the top” carnival and circusy yet creepy and dark. Hence the visuals for “Vanity Fair” – a little Tim Burton, a little Sherlock Holmes, etc. It was super fun to work on, and the response has been great so far! Artist Direct picked it up and premiered it the day before it came out, so we’re just hoping it continues to get positive push and play.

Joey: You’re currently on your Pilgrim Tour. What three words would you say best describes this tour?

Nate: Hmmm… let me think. I would say: challenging, fulfilling and exhausting. Touring is always a challenge… we’re pouring ourselves into the music every night. (WE just finished a stretch of 10 days playing every night – starting in San Francisco and ending in Alabama). And we start back up tomorrow night in Nashville. It’s challenging because you promote and promote and just hope people will come out and support in each city.

It’s also a blast though, and can be very rewarding! Meeting new fans in new cities, selling the album, and even signing an occasional autograph for a kid who is smiling up at you is very rewarding and fulfilling! And then finally, it’s just exhausting… Driving an average of 6 hours every day, setting up, performing, then tearing down… it wears on you. Especially 65 cities, which is what we’re doing this summer will wear you out, but it’s worth it in the end!

Joey: Looking back now…has this album changed you in anyway?

Nate: Absolutely. It’s changed my very perspective on life. I try to look at everything that happens as “no accident” – we’re on a journey – walking the trail, and bad things will happen. But it’s learning to take those things in stride and trying to keep perspective. I believe God is in control of everything and there are no mistakes, so keeping that in perspective (even when the AC goes out on the tour RV or only a handful of people show up at a show) is paramount for me.

Joey: Nate thanks so much for your time. Congratulations on the album and the fantastic video. Any final words or shout outs?

Nate: Thanks so much, Joey! I really appreciate your support of me and the album, and for coming out to the show in San Francisco. Just thanks to everyone who has seen us already on the tour and for those who will come out in their respective city to support us! I love you guys, and am very thankful for each of you!







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