Band of the Week: Speaker Box Riot

Band of the Week

speaker box riot, Rude Boy Mando, Leo Cardenas, Remy Crawford

Speaker Box Riot: Rude Boy Mando, Leo Cardenas, Remy Crawford

Location: San Jose, CA

Genre: Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock

Label: Loud Mouth Records

Rude Boy Mando is not only a business entrepreneur and owner of Revolution Ink and of Loud Mouth Studios but a musical force in the Bay Area music scene. Mando has been working on a new music project where he is on a mission to create something new and fresh. Mando has teamed up with Leo Cardenas and Remy Crawford to form Speaker Box Riot, a mix of hard rock, hip hop, and reggae. SBR is eagerly working on their first EP and have recently premiered their first music video. I had the opportunity to catch up with Mando and get some more insight on Speaker Box Riot…the Joey Voodoo Band of the Week.

Joey: Hey Mando! Whats happening brotha? Thanks for hanging out? How you’ve been doing?

Mando: I’m doing good, excited about the new band. Just working hard on music as usual.

Joey: So these are exciting times for you. You have a long history in the music scene and now you have a new band Speaker Box Riot! Tell us more about the band and how you guys came together?

Mando: The band is pretty much what I’ve been doing through my career, with elements of reggae, hip hop and rock. People are saying that it sounds like early INS stuff. I was producing Leo Cardenas’ (one of the vocalists) hip hop project and he wanted me on drums. I gave him some old tracks that I have been sitting on for years, put his vocals down and it basically formed from there. We then teamed up with Remy, from Lovesick. Joey Cardenas came up with the name, helped us out with some guitar and we started SBR.

Joey: I’m loving the sound…reggae, hard rock, some hip hop. I’m really digging the transitions and groove and flow from the music. Tell us more about your style and music?

Mando: Mixing hip hop, reggae and rock has always been a part of my style and history. I grew up on hard rock and hip hop and have always loved the hard rock mix into reggae, so blending that element of music together for me always just fell into place naturally.

Joey: Who are the bands musical influences?

Mando: Bad Brains, The Clash, Soul Fly, Mad Capsule Market, WuTang, Skindred – way too many to list. I could go on forever.

Joey: The bands new single and music video “Summer Dayz” just premiered. I love the way you incorporated your tattoo shop into the video. As a musician and tattoo artist, what are the similarities for you of the two arts (tattoos and music)?

Mando: The band was adamant about the video reflecting our life and our day to day which really is – working hard at the shop, getting tatted, then hitting the beach – Santa Cruz! Tattoo’s and music have always gone together for me and has always been a part of my life style. They just go together hand in hand in my opinion. After touring the world me and my former band members from INS influenced a lot of bands out there to get tattooed. I think there’s a lot of mutual influence in tattoo and music.

Joey: When’s the EP going to be available and what can your fans expect next? Shows?

Mando: The EP will probably drop toward the end of October – hoping Halloween. We have a show coming up in October in Vegas as well. Stay tuned for more details on that. We’re hoping to put San Jose back on the map with SBR so the support of the fans and people like you in the scene will help us accomplish that.

Joey: Mando thanks so much for hanging out! I’m really looking forward to more music from you guys. Any final words or shout outs??

Mando: Definitely. I really want to thank you and your site along with other people in the scene who help keep local music alive. Also want to give my family, friends a shout for their endless support. And to Bill Williams Media Production for his skills in making us sound tight. Thanks Joey, really appreciate it man.





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