Band of the Week: The Wilde

Band of the Week

The Wilde, Luke DeWilde, rap, hip hop, Urban Alien Nation,

The Wilde: Luke deWilde

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Genre: Mellow Hop/Rap/Alternative/Electronic

Label: N/A

Five seconds is all it took for me to be hooked on the music of The Wilde. Capturing me with his story telling and an infectious beat, The Wilde is fresh and his lyrics are inviting. His mellow rap style and electronic fusion resonates into music that leaves you wanting more. I’m happy that I had the opportunity to meet up with Luke Dewilde, the man behind The Wilde and learn more about this fantastic emerging artist and is brand new album Urban Alien Nation!

Joey: Hey Luke! Whats happening brotha? Thanks for hanging out?

Luke: Thanks for having me, Joey! Tis a privilege and a pleasure.

Joey: So big news! You dropped your new album Urban Alien Nation a week ago! I gotta say I’m loving it big time!! Tell us more about the album and putting it together?

Luke: Thanks! Yep, just dropped last week. I worked on this album all summer, doing the beats from midnight to 4 am and writing/recording the lyrics from noon to five so I could yell into the mic without waking up my girlfriend. Since I was alone in my bedroom in front of a computer screen most of the summer, I wanted the album to be about the kind of isolating effect that technology has on us. I tried to make an album that questions the way we live our lives and asks us to engage people and the world a little differently and more directly.

Joey: I’m really digging your style, lyrics, message and flow. Describe your musical style to us?

Luke: I used to refer to it as mellowhop, because I think it’s the type of music that you listen to while you’re lost in thought, whether your driving, or can’t sleep or whatever. I don’t know what I’d call it now, because a lot of the tracks aren’t very mellow anymore and have shifted a little bit towards rock and punk-inspired beats but I’d say the messages are still the same.

Joey: First time I heard your music, you reminded me a little of MC Lars (who I love). Who are your musical influences?

Luke: You’re not the first to make that comparison actually, Lars is great a guy, we’re actually playing a show together in Oakland on December 21st. In terms of musical influences though I’d say it’s a combination of artists from different genres that have helped me to find my sound. In terms of beats, everything from J. Dilla to Tycho to blink-182 and lyrically, I’d have to say artists like Grieves, Aesop Rock, MF Doom, Why?, and k.flay, who might be my favorite emcee right now.

Joey: So besides being an emerging artist you are also a student at Stanford University, as was MC Lars. How’s life on the Farm and what’s your major? And what’s up with Stanford being the home of some excellent lyricists?

Luke: Yeah, Stanford actually has a pretty cool hip-hop scene, which many people don’t know. Jeff Chang, the author of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, is my advisor and heads up this dope organization called Institute for Diversity in the Arts. It’s a ton of artists and emcees around creating amazing work on a campus mostly gets love for its academics and lately, its football. Also, shout out to my DJ/co-producer, David, aka Madluv, who goes here too, we met in a writing class actually.

Joey: Besides the new album you also have a new video Urban Alien Nation. Love the production and concept of the video. How did the concept come about?

Luke: I was having a meeting with the director and producer and we basically hashed things out one piece at a time. I knew I wanted stop motion and space invaders and they knew they wanted to mock a bunch of big tech companies, which I thought fit the song and album’s theme really well. I’m also really into puns (which is super lame) and so I had a good time coming up with the names. We actually came up with the narrative about the little kid on the day of the shoot to replace our other idea, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Joey: What else can fans expect from you this year?

Luke: I’m going to play some shows for sure. Beyond the show with Lars, hopefully I’ll be playing at a bunch of other schools and wherever anyone wants to book me. I also tend to put out a release every 6 months or so whether I plan for that or not so I’ll probably have another EP out by the end of the school year, we’ll just have to see I suppose.

Joey: Who would be part of your dream tour?

Luke: I’d love to play with k.flay, a fellow Stanford grad too, and my homie milo, who’s on my track Greatest Fear. Maybe Aesop Rock could headline, or maybe Lorde. If we’re talking big-budget tours then I want a Panini maker on the bus and I want every show to be on a beach.

Joey: What’s your favorite late night spot to grab a bite around Stanford after a frat party?

Luke: You’d rarely catch me at a frat party, but when I’m in that type of state I’m a sucker for sweets and burgers. I guess I’m actually always a sucker for that stuff, so maybe The Counter in Palo Alto if they’re still open or at The Axe and Palm on campus.

Joey: Luke thanks so much for hanging out! I’m really excited for you and your music and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Any final words or shout outs?

Luke: No, thank YOU! I’m just hoping I can do alright in all my classes and make enough money from this album to be able to afford to do another one! In terms of shout outs, I just wanna say I have so much love for everyone posting about and supporting me, it means the world. Keep supporting and I’ll keep pumping out tracks.







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