Band of the Week: Brian Fuente

Band of the Week

Brian Fuente, Waves, alternative, pop soul

Artist: Brian Fuente

Location: Nashville, TN

Genre: Alternative/Pop

Label: N/A

I had the pleasure in meeting Brian Fuente last year at a benefit show in San Francisco. His vibrant and engaging personality captures you right away and it also symbolizes exactly what you get from his music. With a style that incorporates pop and alternative, Brian’s music and talents have been recognized and on the radar for some time now. Brian worked alongside Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson as a member of “Team Blake” on the hit show The Voice in 2011, and since then he has catapulted from The Voice to sharing stages with Maroon 5, Counting Crows, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Gym Class Heroes, and Cobra Starship.

I had the great opportunity to sit down with Brian and discuss his new album, what inspires him and what his guilty pleasure is??

Joey: Brian Fuente!! What’s the good word my friend? How have you been?

Brian: I am doing great man, finally excited that I’ve released a record that I have been sitting on for almost a year.

Joey: You’ve put a lot of time into this baby. What we can expect from the album?

Brian: This album was actually finished up last April (2013) and I have been sitting on it for so long wondering why I wasn’t releasing it. It’s very important to me that when I release music, I have a plan and sometimes that plan takes longer than you’d like to formulate. Also, I am giving the entire record away for free which is a first for me.

Joey: Where do you get your inspiration when writing songs?

Brian:I get most of my inspiration from the people and places that surround me. I also often times get inspired by rhythm, sometimes I’ll sit down in my studio and create beats, and words and melodies start flowing fairly quick.

Joey: Your new music video is out for the single “Waves”. Tell us more about the single and video?

Brian: So, this video was shot by me in my basement. I put all of the video clips together, connected my computer to a HD projector, projected the images on my body and filmed it at half speed to give it that interesting look. It took about 6 months to actually come up with an idea for a video and about 3 hours to shoot it ha! It was a last minute idea I had and I just rolled with it.

Joey: Who are your musical influences?

Brian:I have so many aaahh! I would say some of my biggest influences range from The Police/Sting to The Doves to Wilco.

Joey: What two bands would be part of your dream tour?

Brian: Oh man, there would be nothing like touring with U2, I mean the production value of their shows. Also, it would be amazing to tour with Sting, a huge inspiration of mine.

Joey: Who would you love to do a duet with?

Brian: Jack White would be pretty amazing.

Joey: What three words best describes your music?

Brian: Soulful, Rhythmic, Pop

Joey: What is your guilty pleasure?

Brian: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Joey: Brian thanks again buddy for hanging out! I know everyone is going to love the album. Any final words or shout outs?

Brian: Thanks Joey for reaching out in support of my new record. I truly appreciate all of the one’s who support and continue to support me as an artist and as a friend. You can download the new record for FREE:







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