Band of the Week: Denyse Tontz

Band of the Week

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Artist: Denyse Tontz

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Genre: Pop

Label: N/A

Denyse Tontz is a TV darling of the Disney show “Dog with a Blog” and the legendary soap opera “All My Children” (she played Erica Kane’s granddaughter), for which she won a pre-nomination for a Daytime Emmy.

Denyse is quite the triple threat, with terrific singing and songwriting skills to boot. Her music has already been played on “The Mentalist” and “All My Children”, and music industry big wig Danny Goldberg (Nirvana, Bonnie Raitt, Led Zepplin) decided to manage the budding star, which speaks to the level of her musical talent and mass appeal.

Denyse recently released an inspirational new music video for her single “Use It”, in which she encourages young people to use the hateful messages they receive for motivation. The music video already has 18,000 views.

Joey: Acting and being on TV and the big screen or on a stage performing your music…what gives you the biggest thrill and why?

Denyse: There is no thrill like the thrill of a live performance.. The payoff is so much bigger when you know that you’ve only got one shot and you nail it. Acting is a different kind of thrill, although just as addictive. I guess I just like the feeling of entertaining!

Joey: Your song “Use It” is fantastic! It talks about hateful messages one might receive from their peers or ex’s and using it as motivation. What inspired this song? Was this something you had to deal with?

Denyse: This song was a long time coming, I think. It’s inspired by so many things, accumulated. I face rejection every single day, especially in such a competitive industry like this one. The thing that triggered this song was one particular rejection that hurt just a little more than usual. Like any good songwriter, I’m not going to give away who the song’s about, (ha!) but I can definitely tell you it came from a real place. And I like to think that it’s about a broader concept than just my own personal experiences… We all face rejection, whether it’s a person, business opportunity, love interest, etc. I really hope that others can connect to this song as well.

Joey: Who are your musical influences?

Denyse: I love a lot of artists…But among the ones I was most influenced by when I was younger are Britney Spears, Alanis Morissette, Gwen Stefani, Lily Allen…

Joey: What are you music plans for 2014? Can we expect an EP, album, shows?

Denyse: I plan on hopefully releasing more music either online or through a label. I’m really loving the video thing lately, so we’re planning on making more of those to release simultaneously with the music. I’ve also begun performing around the area. I’m doing a couple in-studio performances coming up, and I also want to do some stripped down, acoustic versions of the songs for the fans.

Joey: What is your guilty pleasure?

Denyse: Cinnabon!

Joey: One thing your fans would be surprised to know about you?

Denyse: I used to be kind of nerdy and awkward. I went through some really uncomfortable phases. Ha!








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