Voodoo Hottie of the Week: Juli Firso

Hottie of the Week

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Name: Juli Firso

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Ethnicity: Russian

How long have you been modeling? Since 2008

What would you say is your most defining feature? I think they are my tattoos and hair

What magazine would be your dream cover? It’s not created yet ))

What was the first tattoo you got and the story behind it? At 14. I did it on a bet with my father. So glad that nobody see this tattoo now 😀

What I love about you is that you’re one beautiful bad ass chick. You also practice Muay Thai!! Tell us more. Are you competing? Muay Thai for me is more than just a hobby.But I’m not competing, always in the ring, have a lot of springs, but don’t fight. Maybe in future, who knows? 😀 Live in Thailand twice in a year and train there. I’m also a dance trainer. Did you know? 😀 There I’m competing too hard!!

What is more thrilling for you…being in front of the camera or being in the ring? Being in front of the camera is very comfortable for me. I’m relaxed. What I can’t say about being on the ring. 🙂

What makes you feel sexy and turns you on? Just after I kicked somebody’s ass 🙂 mmm sexy agressive Firso 😀

What does it take for the guys even girls out there to pick you up? They shouldn’t do it 🙂 Read questions from above 😉

Who is your celebrity crush? Don’t have such

What are some of your guilty pleasures? To be a shopaholic, dancing everywhere, pizza, milk and cookies

Three words that best describe you? strong, energetic, wild

Where can folks find you online? facebook.com/juli.firso , vk.com/julifirso and Instagram: julifirso

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